JOIN our campaign to raise £30,000 to launch the W.O.OSE Network

W.O.OSE Supporters make donations which are vital to enabling the network to deliver new opportunities to artists at all stages of their career. These include:

  • An annual commissioning award worth £6,500 direct to the artist, including:
    • A residency at Wysing
    • A solo exhibition at Outpost
  • Mentoring for up to 6 artists per year 
  • At least two major networking events and opportunities for artists per year
  • One to one portfolio review sessions
  • An online space for artists to connect to and find eachother

Your donation to the campaign means:

  • It is matched, £ for £, through Arts Council England.
  • You are directly supporting artists in opportunities to receive mentoring, make new work and allow them time and space for experimentation and discussion.
  • You help establish a more collaborative relationship between established arts practitioners and the next generation of artists.
  • You are at the vanguard of a new way of supporting emerging artists, rather than exhibitions or institutions, what’s more in burgeoning and increasingly influential arts scenes outside the capital.
  • Now, more than ever, we can work together to enable artists to explore, highlight and question the world we live in.

W.O.OSE Advocates are invited artists who share our belief in supporting and inspiring the next generation of artists through providing donations, connecting us to people in their network, mentoring, giving keynote talks, or coming to yearly networking events. 

They include Ed Atkins, Phyllida Barlow, Simon Bayliss, Mira Calix, Martin Creed, Benedict Drew, Eddie Peake, Elizabeth Price, Paul Purgas, Yinka Shonibare, Milly Thompson, Nik Colk Void and Mark Aerial Waller.

Artist Elizabeth Price has made a donation to the campaign and says:

"It has never been easy for young people from working and lower middle class backgrounds to become artists. It has always been a precarious career, hard to establish and difficult to sustain, especially if you have family responsibilities. It was hard for my generation, but I look around now at the prospects for younger artists and I have to say it looks virtually impossible. When you combine the costs of education with housing and studio costs, along with low wage, insecure employment on zero-hours contracts (even when working for Universities!) - it leads to the unavoidable conclusion that there is no realistic career route for most. That is why initiatives like this are so essential, providing a life-line of economic and peer support that will enable some, at least, to make it through. This is important, not just because individual artists will be able to fulfill their own potential, but also because art itself desperately needs a broader social demographic. The W.O.OSE Network provides a much needed focus, enabling established artists and the wider artistic community to come together and offer support to younger generations, in whatever way they can: providing time and expertise or through donations."

This important and imaginative new collaboration serves both artists and audiences with support, challenge and enthusiasm. My experience of Wysing Arts Centre is that it offers an increasingly rare opportunity to bring together artists and audiences in adventurous and experimental experiences of the visual arts. Wysing has established a brave and imaginative emphasis on experimentation and critical discussion in which the Wysing community, and the broader community, are given every opportunity to participate. Wysing offers the practical support of space, time and resources for artists to engage with the more challenging aspects of their creative activities and to bring these to fruition, and the organisation enables both artists and audiences to be rewarded with diverse, stimulating and enlightening encounters: both artists and audiences can collaborate in mutually questioning what art is, who it is for and where it can be seen beyond the commercial precedents of today’s art world.
— Phyllida Barlow, CBE; W.O.OSE Artist Advocate


W.O.OSE Fellows are artists and curators who will be able to join the network for £3/mth and gain exclusive access to the opportunities offered. These are: 

  • An annual commissioning award which includes
    • A residency at Wysing 
    • A solo exhibition at Outpost
  • A mentoring programme (6 mentees are selected to have 3 mentoring sessions over the course of a year with selected W.O.OSE Advocates). 
  • One to one portfolio review sessions with curators and artists at our organisations
  • Access to other networks across the UK through selected events

Check back soon to join this new network.